Monday, March 26, 2012

"Hands to Yourself!"

This week's lab went very well! My group was in the Pre-K room. Amanda's craft was to have the kids make their own Easter egg design on a paper plate. They really seemed to enjoy this. Next, Shannon read her book, Rainbow Fish, to the children. This was a book I used to read all the time as a kid so I even loved it. The kids wanted to touch the pictures and the shiny scales on the fish. When we let them touch the book we had to quickly take back control and continue reading. When we went in the gym Payge and the kids practice some simple jumping, running, hoping skills in a Simon Says-like game. My game had the children practicing their throwing and catching. Each kid got a partner and practicing throwing to a partner. After they had some practice they went one at a time trying to throw their soft ball into the net. I think having them go one at a time then sitting down once they had thrown was really effective. They loved the game and really paid attention. I did have some problems when I was beginning to explain the activity because the kids wanted to be in my lap or right near me. I had to pick up kids and sit them down farther away or tell them "hands to yourself" a couple times but they finally understood and respected me as a teacher. Although we do face some problems during lab, it is getting easier and easier every week. Everyone is becoming more comfortable and learning what works and what doesn't work with the children. To hear about other challenges and how we've dealt with them check out my Lab 4 write up! 

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