Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Great Debate!

For the Great Debate we had in class I was in probably the most difficult group. My group which only consisted of three people tried to prove how using sticks in physical education classes is the most appropriate. This was no easy task and we were defeated very easily. The board did think we put up a good argument though. I personally think starting at a young age playing sports like lacrosse, baseball and hockey is a great idea. As kids get older it is going to become more difficult for them to just pick up the sport when everyone else around them has been playing that much longer. This is not so ideal in a physical education setting though. As physical educators we want to teach our students the basic physical skills they will need to continue being active for the rest of their lives.

I think the overall idea of the debate was great! Everyone came really prepared and was able to argue their ideas. It is really important for us to start learning everything we need to know about physical education and stand up for what we believe. Physical education programs are getting dropped at everyday and it is going to be our job one day to fight for these programs. Physical education isn't just for fun, it's for teaching kids lifelong fitness.

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