Monday, March 26, 2012

"Hands to Yourself!"

This week's lab went very well! My group was in the Pre-K room. Amanda's craft was to have the kids make their own Easter egg design on a paper plate. They really seemed to enjoy this. Next, Shannon read her book, Rainbow Fish, to the children. This was a book I used to read all the time as a kid so I even loved it. The kids wanted to touch the pictures and the shiny scales on the fish. When we let them touch the book we had to quickly take back control and continue reading. When we went in the gym Payge and the kids practice some simple jumping, running, hoping skills in a Simon Says-like game. My game had the children practicing their throwing and catching. Each kid got a partner and practicing throwing to a partner. After they had some practice they went one at a time trying to throw their soft ball into the net. I think having them go one at a time then sitting down once they had thrown was really effective. They loved the game and really paid attention. I did have some problems when I was beginning to explain the activity because the kids wanted to be in my lap or right near me. I had to pick up kids and sit them down farther away or tell them "hands to yourself" a couple times but they finally understood and respected me as a teacher. Although we do face some problems during lab, it is getting easier and easier every week. Everyone is becoming more comfortable and learning what works and what doesn't work with the children. To hear about other challenges and how we've dealt with them check out my Lab 4 write up! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Great Debate!

For the Great Debate we had in class I was in probably the most difficult group. My group which only consisted of three people tried to prove how using sticks in physical education classes is the most appropriate. This was no easy task and we were defeated very easily. The board did think we put up a good argument though. I personally think starting at a young age playing sports like lacrosse, baseball and hockey is a great idea. As kids get older it is going to become more difficult for them to just pick up the sport when everyone else around them has been playing that much longer. This is not so ideal in a physical education setting though. As physical educators we want to teach our students the basic physical skills they will need to continue being active for the rest of their lives.

I think the overall idea of the debate was great! Everyone came really prepared and was able to argue their ideas. It is really important for us to start learning everything we need to know about physical education and stand up for what we believe. Physical education programs are getting dropped at everyday and it is going to be our job one day to fight for these programs. Physical education isn't just for fun, it's for teaching kids lifelong fitness.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hall of Fame or Hall or Shame?

            There are many games our parents played in Physical Education class that would never be played today. These games have been put in the Hall of Shame. They include games such as Dodgeball, Duck Duck Goose, Giants, Elves, and Wizards, Kickball, Musical Chairs, Relay Races, Steal the bacon and many others. Although these games are fun and almost everyone knows how to play them, anyone can lead them. You could be a history major and still be able to lead any of these games to a Physical Education class.
            In a game like Dodgeball there are pros and cons. By playing Dodgeball you are practicing your throwing and catching motions, learning to dodge and move quickly, you also have to use some strategy. The problem is that in a gym class everyone is not at the same physical or skill level. There are going to be stronger kids who can throw the ball harder and move quicker. Kids who don’t get any physical activity outside of gym class are going to be easy targets in this game.
            I don’t believe that Dodgeball should be played in Physical Education class because from my experiences it doesn’t work. The more athletic students are going to enjoy the competition of the game but the “nerds” or “geeks” might want to be the first ones out or won’t want to participate at all. I think it is important to modify the game so everyone will be motivated to play.
            In my high school classes we played a similar version of Dodgeball called Medic. The “medic” was a pre-determined player on the team who was able to save people once they got hit. This allowed the team to work together and kept people in the game longer. Another game I played was called Astroids where everyone in the class had a partner to work with. By modifying Dodgeball more students become interested and have a better chance at succeeding.

        A game like Red Rover is a great example of a Hall of Shame game. The object of this game does not meet the National Standards for Physical Education. For starters, there is only one movement pattern practiced in this game. Students must try to run through linked arms. Not every student is going to be strong enough or skilled enough to perform this task. This game really goes against Standard 5. There really is no respect for self or others in this game. Whoever rover sends over is probably going to be the other teams weakest link and is going to get “bullied” when they try to run through the linked arms. I don’t see this game being played in a Physical Education setting without many modifications. 

Be curious about what’s ahead for you, it keeps you going

    So I've been a little behind on my blogging due to a recent event that took place in my life. A little over a month ago, one of my best friends took her life. No one saw it coming. Chelsea was a beautiful girl with high ambitions. She was a talented artist with dreams of going to FIT. Chels was also quite the risk taker. She was the first one willing to try something new. Last summer, Chelsea and her sister went sky diving for her birthday. At only 19 years of age Chelsea had lived a very full life. If Chelsea taught me one thing it would be to go for it, what's the worst that can happen anyways? So take advantage of opportunities given to you and live your life to the fullest.

    Since we don't have many answers and Chelsea never really showed signs of depression I want to remind everyone that there is so much to live for. Never give up because tomorrow is a new day. If you know anyone with suicidal thoughts go to SAVE right now and learn how to help. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Accidents Happen

At last week's lab I learned to expect the unexpected. Although our games were going great and the kids were fun we did have a little accident. While playing tag two boys ran into each other and bumped heads. Except that one boy's head went into the the other's mouth, causing him to bleed...a lot. I later found out that he lost a tooth in the process. I felt so bad for the young boy but he ended up being perfectly fine. Of course, the collision wasn't our fault but as group leaders we had to take responsibility to make sure both boys were ok and that any blood was cleaned up. Amanda had to stand over some blood that dripped on the floor until we could get it wiped up. Here's my Lab 3 write-up.