Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lab 1

Our first lab at St. Mary's was an observation lab. We watched the students participate in different games while observing their motor and social behaviors. Most of the students in the program were fairly young. To get the student's attention the instructor had to speak clearly and with a loud voice. A trick go get the focus of the students is to have them face the wall or corner so they aren't looking out towards the rest of the kids in the gym. It is also important to get on the student's level so squatting down may be necessary. Young kids don't have a very long attention span so it is important to have them participate in several activities. They were more successful at an activity when they didn't have to stay on it very long. The kids were also a lot more motivated to play when they liked an activity. If the instructor relates the activity to a TV show or a book that the students may know they become more interested. Having the chance to observe the students proved to be very beneficial because now we know what works and what doesn't with the students.

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