Friday, April 13, 2012

Technology in Physical Education

This week we were given the privilege to explore the ExerGame Lab. This room is filled with all sorts of exciting technology linked to exercise. One of the first activities I participated in was Dance Dance Revolution. This was probably my favorite games because it was actually a great workout! There were several mats placed on the floor so many people could participate. I think this is a great game to get kids to be active. There are many levels so beginners can start off easy and work their way to the higher levels. Some of the other activities included playing a video games but you had to be active while playing rather than sitting on your behind on the couch. One game featured the movie, Cars. While playing the game you had to ride a stationary bike. The faster you pedaled the more speed your car gained. An Xbox game was hooked up to a different type of exercise equipment that simulated walking up and down stairs. The only way the game would work was if you were constantly walking. These games keep you active and change your view on video games. I typically think of video games as lazy and not fun. By adding the exercise equipment, kids can get a good workout in while also doing what they love. It takes the lazy characteristic away from video games.

In a smaller room in the lab were some other technology games. There were several toy cars that made sounds when you hit them against your hand or the table. These toys could be used in a physical education class very easily. Each saying the car has could be a different task the child has to complete. You could incorporate these toys into a relay race or some type of running activity. The kids will find this more entertaining than just having you tell them what to do. It changes things up and makes it new and exciting. I think more and more technological advances will continue to be made that we could incorporate into physical education classes. It is important to stay up with the times and change up the old fashioned ways of doing things.

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