Friday, February 10, 2012

Come to My Party

This week for lab my group was assigned to Special Projects. We started the day off with assessing two children during their opening game. We watched their ability to run, gallop, and hop. Although both did very well, they still have some work to do. When everyone split up my group decorated a big board in they gym. Our theme for the board was "Be Active." We wrote down a bunch of activities the children could participate in that involved being active. Some of the activities included running, dancing, skiing, jumping rope, playing basketball, and playing soccer. We tried to incorporate sports as well as the skills the students will be learning throughout the semester. Kids love visuals so we tried to draw as many pictures as we could next to the words. We put basketballs, jump ropes, dancing people, and roller blades as well as several others to try to draw attention to the board. After we finished the board we all split up and talked to kids in the gym. Amanda and myself were taught how to hula hoop by two girls and let's just say they had more practice than us. Shannon and Amanda led the closing game which went very well. After the game I led a dance. I started by asking all the kids if they wanted to come to my party. The song we danced to was called "Come on Everybody" and talks about going to a party. After a long, hard day of school I figured a party would be a good way for the children to have some fun. The dance would have gone a little better if there were more students there but none the less, we had a great party!

Check out my Lab 2 write up for more information on the students skills we observed! 

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